Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Super Series Final

The super series was an Australia wide tournament. There were 8 qualifying rounds giving 16 players for the final last Sunday. Though each tournament was an average steamroller event the final had four rounds, four different lists and characters were restricted across all lists (so only one Mulg or Deathjack). I like to follow tournaments like these as it gives you an idea of what the top players are doing and new tactics people have been using. Back to the Super Series the 16 finalists by faction and rank were:

1James Kerr-ReeveProtectorate of Menoth
2Evan FerrisTrollbloods
3James MoorhouseLegion of Everblight
4Trent DenisonCryx
5Kieren MooreCryx
6Lachlan MacwhirterLegion of Everblight
7Michael BlythCryx
8Jeff GaleaRetribution of Scyrah
9Tobias FordRetribution of Scyrah
10Andrew GaleaCygnar
11Jeff TraishTrollbloods
12Simon HallKhador
13Dave LancasterKhador
14Dru MooreProtectorate of Menoth
15Marcelo RoucoCygnar
16Nathan FrawleyCygnar

No circle which is odd, circle have been doing very well internationally of late but that trend doesn't seem to have reached Australia yet. No Mercs or minions was expected, Mercs are very reliant on characters, though it's easy to do two merc lists with character restrictions 4 lists would leave Mercs at a very distinct disadvantage. With minions there is no cross over between Blindwater (crocs) and Thornfall (pigs) so people tend to play one or the other however there are only 3 casters in each so it is impossible to field 4 different lists. There were some very good Skorne players who just missed out on qualifying but top lists in that faction tend to have a reliance on Molik Karn and he is character restricted and would only be able to appear in one list. It's quite possible that a player or two who normally play skorne switched faction.

The winner's lists (with my comments):
[also comments from the winner who unlike me knows what he is talking about]
Grand Scrutator Severius
- Blessing of Vengeance
- Reckoner
- Reckoner
- Redeemer
- Repenter

Choir of Menoth (6)
Exemplar Errants (10)
- Exemplar Errant Officer and Standard Bearer (2)
Vassal Mechanik
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth
Wracks (3)
(character restrictions mean either prime or epic not both, this is also the caster I lost to in the Wollongong tournament final. Feat is brutal against warmachine but even without the feat he has a devastating spell list. pSevvy needs most of his focus for his spells but his spells in conjunction with the choir and the Vassals make jacks spectacular and the reclaimers can gather souls and allocate them as focus, also the wracks will provide at least 3 additional focus.)

Vice Scrutator Vindictus
- Castigator

Allegiant of the Order of the Fist
Allegiant of the Order of the Fist
Anastasia di Bray
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist
High Exemplar Gravus
High Paladin Dartan Vilmon
Holy Zealots (10)
- Monolith Bearer
Knights Exemplar (6)
Knights Exemplar (6)
Knights Exemplar Seneschal
Knights Exemplar Seneschal
Madelyn Corbeau, Ordic Courtesan
Paladin of the Wall
Wracks (3)
(Vindictus with only one jack rules out sacrificial lamb which I think is a pretty good spell but obviously I don't play Menoth so I'm going to have to defer to the wisdom of the super series champion here.  True path makes warrior models (so not jacks) lightning fast. I'm assuming Madelyn Corbeau is there to make Anastasia di Bray even more devastating, if she gets close enough to your warcaster everything within 8" (9 with MC) gets to move and attack again. A troop based army without Menoths signature jack support. I would have liked to see this army play).

Harbinger of Menoth
- Reckoner
- Hierophant

Avatar of Menoth
Allegiant of the Order of the Fist
Allegiant of the Order of the Fist
Choir of Menoth (4)
Daughters of the Flame (6)
Daughters of the Flame (6)
Knights Exemplar Seneschal
Knights Exemplar Seneschal
3 Wracks
Vassal Mechanic
The Covenant of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth
Visgoth Rhoven and Honour Guard
(If you don't hate the Harbinger of Menoth you are a Menoth Player. Not surprised to see the covenant in a list with Harbinger, or two Knights Exemplat Seneschals, or Rhoven + honour gaurd. I cringed just reading this list. Not exactly sure what I'd do against this list aside from walking around the table and kicking my opponent in the balls.)

High Exemplar Kreoss
- Reckoner
- Reckoner

Choir of Menoth  (4)
Flameguard Cleansers (6)
Holy Zealots (10)
- Monolith Bearer
Idrian Skirmishers  (10)
- Idrian Skirmisher Chieftain & Guide
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord
Vassal of Menoth 
Wracks  (3)
(pKreoss the battlebox caster, lots of anti-magic, great feat guarantees auto hits for one round, with Aiyana and Holt to boost damage on a key target. Lots of things with assault to make that feat round even more brutal and some protection to keep the army alive until that point. This army looks reliant on doing a lot of damage on one key turn. This is the army that won the final game against eMadrak.)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Battle Report - Battle for Thirroul

Legion of Everblight
Standard Army
PCs: 25 / 25
15 models

[00] Bethayne, Voice of Everblight (0 / 3 WB)
[00]  >> Belphagor (Companion)
[09]  >> Scythean
[08]  >> Seraph
[08] Blighted Nyss Hex Hunter (9 grunts)
[03]  >> Bayal, Hound of Everblight


Protectorate of Menoth
Standard Army
PCs: 25 / 25
15 models

[00] Thyra, Flame of Sorrow (0 / 6 WJ remaining)
[06]  >> Crusader
[08]  >> Vanquisher
[04]  >> Repenter
[08] Exemplar Cinerators (4 grunts)
[05] Daughters of the Flame

Scenario: Gaining Ground

Turn 1:
Scythean and hex hunters advanced to the end of the second box.

Daughters charged the scythean and ran into the second box. Failed to damage the scythean.

Turn 2
Hex hunters charged the daughters, killed all but two and almost opened a charge lane for the scythean. Seraph advanced, slipstreamed the scythean into that charge lane and sprayed the vanquisher scratching the paint. Bethaine killed a daughter with gallows and Belphagore through up it's animus around Bethaine to stop the remaining daughter from charging her. Scythean charged the vanquisher also getting the repenter in it's melee range. Trashed the Vanquisher and almost trashed the Repenter again.

Thrya gave 3 focus to the Crusader, advanced, feated and cast carnage. The Repenter used her feat to move into position to spray the hex hunters while forfeiting movement; killed two. Crusader charged the Scythean (already wounded), rolling straight damage with average rolls enough to kill it with ease but managed to roll terribly and leave it alive with one damage box. Cinerators charged in and carved up the hex hunters. Carnage cancelling out Ashen Veil. Managed to take out half the unit including Bayal.

Turn 3
Bethaine healed the Scythean twice to bring it to full battle effectiveness. She then feated and charged the last daughter killing it. Remaining hex hunters killed two Cinerators. Scythean trashed the Crusader and left the repenter on only a few wounds. Seraph managed to get into position to get some shots on Thyra. Rolled a hit and a critical (for critical poison) and then 15 damage to kill her with one shot.

Round 2 wrap up

The trolls have retreated from the region following another lead in their attempt to save their chief. There was little time to celebrate their absence though before forces from the Protectorate of Menoth invaded.

The North
As infrastructure collapses in the north the forces of Menoth and the servants of Everblight clashed for control. The army of Menoth was defeated and Everblight now has control over what is left of the northern suburbs. Reinholdt is now being held by the dragonspawn.

The Mountains
Skorne and Khador both attempted to gain control of important tactical mountain paths and the forces of Cygnar were in place to mount a strong defence. Dominar Rasheth of the Skorne managed to defeat both opposing armies and has discovered secret trails leading to many different areas throughout the city.

Lake Illawarra
The Cryx moved into the area surrounding the lake as soon as the flood waters subsided hoping that they could gain control of the region before the forces of Cygnar were able to mount a defence. However commander Nemo was ready for the move and launched an attack before the cryx were settled. He was however repelled and for the moment the lake belongs to the dragon father.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tournament! (WOOO!)

Awesome day of gaming today. I took two lists:

Legion of Everblight
Standard Army
PCs: 35 / 35
10 models

[00] Saeryn, Omen of Everblight (0 / 5 WB)
[12]  >> Typhon
[09]  >> Scythean
[08]  >> Seraph
[02]  >> Shredder
[02]  >> Shredder
[02]  >> Shredder
[02] The Forsaken
[02] The Forsaken
[01] Blighted Nyss Shepherd

Legion of Everblight
Standard Army
PCs: 35 / 35
13 models

[00] Lylyth, Herald of Everblight (0 / 6 WB)
[12]  >> Typhon
[08]  >> Seraph
[02]  >> Shredder
[04] Annyssa Ryvaal, Talon of Everblight
[02] Strider Deathstalker
[02] The Forsaken
[01] Blighted Nyss Shepherd
[10] Blighted Nyss Raptors (4 grunts)

Saern is the primary caster, she's an absolute beast and even after today I have not lost a game with her. She does however have very bad match ups against shooting armies. Cygnar (in particular Seige) and Retribution are two very bad match ups. I wanted a second caster who would do well against shooting, it was down to Lylyth and Thagrosh, Lylyth is a very assassiny (I'm allowed to make up words) caster, where as Thags is attrition and soaking up damage. I went for the chick with the cleavage. 

Game 1: Killbox

I was playing some guy named Theo, seemed a good sort. Though he had Cygnar (usually a bad match up for Saern) he had very little shooting so I felt confident unleashing Saern.

Turn 1: Everblight
Slipstreamed the Scythean and Typhon and ran. This got my two beasts 14" up the board Shredders ran as well and the shepherd calmed the Seraph. The forsaken also ran. 

Cygnar: Theo advanced slowly, staying at range and dropping Polarity shield across his line of jacks. The Black 13th went up one flank and Taryn de la Rovissi up the other. 

Turn 2: Theo had unfortunately strayed just too close. Slipstream on the scythean brought it into range and it scrapped a Centurion. Typhon sent three sprays onto something (?) and the Seraph sprayed some useless shots. One of the shredders ran up to the back 13th and allowed Saern to blight field through them killing 2 of the 3 gun mages. FEAT!

Theo unable to attack anything in melee backed off and put up a polarity field line again. Unfortunately this scenario was killbox so his caster had to be forward inside the square, this left him with his two jacks right up against his caster on the edge of the box. 

Turn 3: Slipstreamed the Scythean to the right, though he could not charge the Centurion he noe had line of sight to Nemo who had no such charge restriction. To make matters worse Typhon lined up three sprays through the Centurion. Despite having 3 boosted shots at Nemo only one managed to hit but I did roll ridiculously high damage and Nemo was left looking very unhappy. The Scythean then charged and the game was over. 

Game 2: Everblight - Killbox

This game was against Scott 1. He took pThags 2 Carniveans and 2 Scytheans. Saern was pretty much an auto win against this list so I had to take her again even though it would mean that I could not take her in the final. 

Turn 1: I run forward. Slipstream Typhon.

Scott advanced and threw down spiny growth (+2 ARM and d3 damage to any jack or beast that hits the model in melee) on 3 of his beasts. He stayed back enough that he was about 11" away for beasts that charge 9". 

Turn 2: Slipstreamed Typhon and the Scythean. Bringing them both into charge range and feat. Typhon trashed the beast without spiny growth (carni) and engaged the other Carni. Scythean rolled so badly he was almost sacked and failed to kill the scythean he was fighting. Seraph shot and I believe did 3 damage. Two Forsaken sucked up some fury and the shredders ran to engage the unengaged Scythean (one made it). 

Scott: unable to attack he backed off his Scythean engaged by the shredder (which promptly did 8 damage to it) and hid the Scythean and Thags around the side of a conveniently placed house. 

Turn 3: Typhon trashed the other Carni and my Scythean finished off the Scythean he had been fighting. Stuff moved to get into position to get around the house. 

Scott: Brought a Carni back to life. Charged my Scythean with a Scythean and hurt him. Thags himself charged a forsaken and killed him and a shredder. 

Turn 4: My Scythean killed the last Scythean. Typhon moved up to spray Thagrosh and failed miserably. Shredder engaged Thagrosh and Saern cast blight shroud for a little damage.

Scott: Moved the Carni over to kill the shredder. Thagrosh killed Typhon only to have him respawn 3" away behind the new conveniently placed cloud which stopped Thagrosh from casting spells at him.

Turn 5: Saern moved up now throwing a deathspur at Thags, did no damage but now he could no longer transfer damage. First time I've actually used that. She also cast breath stealer on him so now he was -2 DEF.  Three shots from the Seraph and three sprays from Typhon later and Thagrosh was no more.

The Grand Final - Scott 2 (Menoth) - Overun

Unfortunately for me I still would not face an army with shooting so pLylyth would have to operate outside her comfort zone. 

Turn 1: Everblight ran forward toward the zone in the middle. Cav went wide and ludicrously fast down the flank. (18" run move + 5" light cav move). 

Scott: Dropped +2 DEF +2 ARM on the daughters and ran them to engage me (DEF 17 daughters and my other list had most of my high DEF removal). Arc noded Ashes to Ashes to damage my cav. 

Turn 2: (or the turn where I needed to roll 1 more). Shredder went rabid and engaged a daughter 12 to hit everything boosts from rabid, two attacks two 11s. Typhon engaged against a daughter rolled 3 attacks, 10s to hit, a five and two 9s (even I had to laugh at that stage) Seraph sprayed 3 boosted shots, all missed, two again missed by just 1. Lylyth herself had a shot and hit and killed a daughter. The Strider deathstalker missed and the forsaken had to draw in some fury. The cav trashed the arc node and dropped back 5".

Turns out Scott had two arc nods and dropped Ashes to Ashes through the second node killing all but 1 cav (who promptly started fleeing). Daughters did very little damage killing only the forsaken and charging my caster. 

Turn 3: Feat. Bugger it, the daughters have to die and they did. Typhon went forward to spray but I forgot that the flameguard cleansers had reach. Typhon has gunfighter but if you are between 0.5" to 2" away from a model you can't shoot. (whoops).

Scott: managed to get a shot at my caster with one of his jacks and a charge with reach from the flameguard cleansers and Lylyth went squish.

Final Thoughts

So 2nd place. I'm pretty happy, Lylyth had a bad match up but I should have managed my lists better, possibly taken Lylyth against Theo. I think Kallus might be the best second caster for Saern so I might give him a run next tournament, just need another box of incubi (which my prize money will hopefully cover), though at 50 points eVayl might be the go. When the Naga Nightlurker is released that would probably be a very good addition to this list. It's animus gives blessed which would have enabled me to ignore the DEF buff on the daughters and made a huge difference. 

Diversion - Battle for Gwynneville

Legion of Everblight
Standard Army
PCs: 35 / 35
8 models

[00] Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight (0 / 5 WB)
[12]  >> Typhon
[11]  >> Carnivean
[09]  >> Scythean
[02]  >> Shredder
[02]  >> Shredder
[02] The Forsaken
[02] The Forsaken


Standard Army
PCs: 35 / 35
19 models

[00] Iron Lich Asphyxious (0 / 6 WJ remaining)
[02]  >> Skarlock Thrall
[07]  >> Reaper
[05]  >> Cankerworm
[04]  >> Nightwretch
[04] Darragh Wrathe
[02] Warwitch Siren
[03] Pistol Wraith
[05] Bane Thralls (5 grunts)
[09] Soulhunters (4 grunts)

This was a week ago (I've been ridiculously busy) so this is going to be a rough summary. Scenario was capture the flag. Both armies split into two groups to contest various flags.

Scythean took the left (defensive) flag and everything else went for the right. That same flag (aggressive for the cryx) was challenged by the soul hunters and a pistol wraith. Everything else went for the right flag.

On the left: Pistol wraith managed to force the scythean to forfeit either it's action, soul hunters circled around the back but eventually strayed too close to the scythean and it destroyed them. The pistol wraith was taken out by exploding forsaken.

On the right: Reaper pulled Typhon into combat wounded him and left him to be killed by the night wretch which then flow off up onto a hill to strike again next turn. Thagrosh brought Typhon back and the everblight trashed the reaper. The Cryx took out Tyhpon again (nightwretch again doing a fantastic amount of damage to the already damaged beast) and the bane's managed to put some hurt on the Carnivean. Everblight managed to kill Darragh Wrathe, the cankerworm, the skarlock thrall and most of the banes. They took out the carnivean and the warwitch siren charged Thagrosh, some lucky rolling mean that she hit (for the first time in the game - I suppose she was owed a hit) and managed to wound Thags. That left man of the match the nightwretch to charge in and finish off the blighted Ogrun. 

Thoughts - Nightwretch is fast and able to deal out a fair amount of damage to wounded models (particularly with scything touch and the banes). It would not be so good against an infantry heavy army but against everblight heavy beasts it is golden. I don't like Thagrosh, that's not to say he isn't a great caster, he's spectacular at 35 points but he lacks punch and drags games out, he's an attrition caster in a glass hammer faction. He might be a good second caster for tournaments. The Carnivean continues to underwhelm me with it's spectacular mediocreness.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tournament in Wollongong

Got an email from Graham last night, he has something to do with this (from wargamerau):
Wollongong's first Warmachine/Hordes tournament.

4 December 2011

Start Time?
At the moment 10am (Subject to change due to the University)

University of Wollongong Building 1, G05 (that means Building 1, Ground floor, Room 05)
Link for campus map

35pts of either Warmachine or Hordes. No tiers this time around.
No proxy minis. All minis must be released.
Time Turns as Steamroller 2011.
Two list are allowed but BOTH must be used at least once. If two list are used must be different named caster/ warlock.
Scoring as per Steamroller 2011
Number of rounds determined by the number of players.


First place overall. Depending on numbers may be more.

This is a fun tourny. No offensive, cheating or unsporting behaviour will be tolerated.

Drop me a line here on WAU or at

See you all then. Cheers.
I will be there, not sure what faction to take yet. 35 points is an interesting level for a tournament, at 50 points you can take everything your caster needs at 35 you have to make some tough choices. Be interesting to see if any of the Sydney people come down.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Thoughts on the last battle

On Saturday my thoughts were pretty focused on the Legion side of things and not so much on the Cygnar side of things so I didn't really turn my mind to how I'd beat the legion army I took until today. So at the risk of sounding like more of a self important arse than I normally do I'm going to give some unwarranted advice.

You took the right army

Blaise is a great caster against Legion because she is designed to get hit and then be able to hit back. Normally she might struggle against heavies but you had the tools to take out my heavies with the Stormclad, stormblades, Gallant, precursors and long gunners. Even the Sword knights were the right things to take. So what went wrong?

Some things need to be protected
The obvious mistake was having Constance too far forward but that's not what I'm talking about. Constance's feat is that she is able to take souls from killed warrior models so you need to force me to kill warrior models. Hide the jacks behind the units so that I have to go through the unit first. I could have maybe taken one out with shooting and if I did kill any warrior models that would have given you more focus to allocate to the jacks to wipe out my beasts on the next turn. Sword knights and precursors are great for this because they are cheap and have high ARM.

Spread out
One of the changes to MKII was the unit coherency, in order to get things like shield wall and defensive line you no longer have to have your entire unit together, you can spread out and have your troops in many small groups. I have them in five or six lots of two if I need to cover lots of ground and split the unit up into 2 or 3 large groups if I want a tank unit that is very difficult to get through. Things like thresher (which my scytheans do as a chain attack) and AOEs find it much harder to damage spread out troops. The only unit I'd ever really consider deploying in ranks is the high shields (dwarves with guns, high armour, ranked attacks, combined attacks and shield wall).

Shooters need to advance too
Long gunners especially, they can't combined attack anything that is in melee and they can double shot if they don't move. First turn run them into a position where they can shoot the important areas of the battlefield and the second turn blast away. Two power 20 shots that hit on anything but a double 1 will have most heavies very worried and 20 individual RAT7 (for aiming) shots at POW 10 will shred infantry. You only need a tiny sliver of LOS in between the bases and there is no penalty for shooting past other models.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Distraction - Battle for Bomaderry

a note to start off, if anyone else wants to post here just say so.

Legion of Everblight
Standard Army
PCs: 75 / 75
27 models

[00] Vayl, Disciple of Everblight (0 / 6 WB)
[10]  >> Ravagore
[09]  >> Scythean
[09]  >> Scythean
[09]  >> Angelius
[08]  >> Seraph
[06]  >> Nephilim Bolt Thrower
[05]  >> Nephilim Soldier
[02]  >> Harrier
[02]  >> Harrier
[02] The Forsaken
[02] The Forsaken
[01] Blighted Nyss Shepherd
[01] Blighted Nyss Shepherd
[04] Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion
[08] Blighted Nyss Swordsmen (9 grunts)
[03]  >> Blighted Nyss Swordsman Abbot & Champion


Standard Army
PCs: 75 / 75
60 models

[00] Constance Blaize, Knight of the Prophet (0 / 6 WJ remaining)
[02]  >> Squire
[12]  >> Thunderhead
[10]  >> Stormclad
[09]  >> Gallant
[03] Archduke Alain Runewood, Lord of Fharin
[02] Captain Arlan Strangewayes
[10] Long Gunner Infantry (9 grunts)
[05] Stormblade Infantry
[03]  >> Stormblade Infantry Officer & Standard
[06] Sword Knights (9 grunts)
[02]  >> Sword Knight Officer & Standard
[06] Sword Knights (9 grunts)
[08] Precursor Knights (9 grunts)
[02]  >> Precursor Knight Officer & Standard
[01] Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator

(clouds are flags, can't find how to get flags on this thing yet)

Everblight won the roll and forced Cygnar to go first. The unit of sword knights with UA deployed on the top right of the map with runewood in behind them. Then moving towards the centre came the precursor knights, Gallant, other sword knights (in the centre) Thunderhead, stormblades, Stormclad (way out on the left). Blaise, the squire and Reinholdt deployed behind the centre sword knights and long gunners behind them. 

Everblight - Ravagore on the right, then the scythean, bolt thrower, all the flyers and warlock (in the middle), other scythean and the swordsmen out on the far left. The two forsaken stayed near the caster and the two shepherds were behind either scythean. 

Turn 1 - Cygnar - everything advanced but the long gunners. Everything advanced 9" expect precursors and long gunners (precursors 6" and the long gunners stayed back), sword knights used their reform move to go forward (looking back I think Theo thought defensive line was an order, it isn't, only the precursors shield wall is an order. You don't get your reform move though if you run - the rule is a bit confusing you can use reform after your action, so you can't reform if you don't have an action, however if one model in a unit does have an action and therefore can reform then all models in the unit can; essentially you can't reform if you give a run order or if all models in the unit fail a charge). 

Everblight - Vayl leashed the Ravagore (after she moved the ravagore advanced towards her), put chiller on the swordsmen and used the ravagore's animus on the ravagore (and bolt thrower) giving their ranged weapons continuous fire. Ravagore then advanced and shot the sword knights hitting and killing 6. Bolt thrower advanced, shot and was out of range. swordsmen moved towards the left flag everything else stopped about even with the house, about an inch out of boosted charge range of the fastest models in the cygnar front line (Constance speeds things up). 

Right flag disappeared (one flag disappears at random in this scenario)

Cygnar turn 2 - Everything advanced directly forward, the sword knights holding the centre flag and the storm blades contesting (but not holding) the left flag. Crucially Constance moved up to about 5" behind the sword knights. 

Everblight - Forsaken had to move out of the way so I could pull some dodgy everblight bull. Vayl moved right up about 4" from the sword knights, cast incite, feated, put the ravagore animus on the bolt thrower and the Seraph and camped two fury. Bolt thrower shot the Gallant, Ravagore shot the gallant (boosted) but missed. Seraph shot the Thunderhead. Swordsmen charged the stormclad and trashed it. Took the objective but did not attack the stormblades contesting the objective. Scythean on the right charged  and scrapped the Gallant (incite is a nasty spell). Scythean on the left charged the thunderhead, it was out or range of incite and only marginally scratched (I had managed to get a chilled swordsman on it though so it was -2 DEF). The scythean managed to miss twice out of six attacks despite needing 4s. Still the thunderhead was left with only 2 damage boxes (scytheans are awesome). Angelius charged the thunderhead and finished it off. The two harriers ran towards the caster, the second forsaken took all the fury off the Scythean that hit the thunderhead, sorcerer used wind blight (no shooting in her command range) and then moved as close to the long gunners as possible (though mostly out of range). Then the dodgyness began. Vayls feat lets you move one faction model for every enemy  model in her control, due to her advanced position and the masses of infantry facing my much smaller beast army this meant I could move every model in my army. I moved Vayl back to safety with the two forsaken, Seraph, bolt thrower and Ravagore in front of her (Ravagore contesting the middle flag) and put the two Scytheans, Angelius, Nephilim Soldier and two harriers in combat with Constance. I also moved the Sorcerer forward with wind blight (so the long gunners would be caught and unable to fire without moving, thus getting rid of their dual shot ability).

At this point Cygnar conceded. There was little Theo could do, with all his jacks dead and the stormblades engaged by the swordsmen he would not have been able to save his caster. He might have been able to get one of the scytheans but there was too much out there and I had been able to run light on fury so there would not be any left out to hamper my beasts. Constance didn't have the souls camp enough  focus to survive because I had concentrated attacking on the jacks.

So another victory for Everblight. I'm not sure Vayl will come out again in the campaign now that I have her figured out. Now that everyone knows that trick it won't work again (still I think that I can drop enough flying models with reach in enough inconvenient places to cause a lot of trouble with her feat, I also like the idea of being able to have my beasts clear an objective and then put them behind a cheap filler unit) incite is awesome but you have to be within 9" of the enemy for it to work, works very well with her feat but other than that she needs to stay much further away from the enemy to avoid certain death. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Battle Report - Battle of Blackbutt

Standard Army
PCs: 50 / 50
24 models

[00] Warwitch Deneghra (0 / 5 WJ remaining)
[02]  >> Skarlock Thrall
[12]  >> Deathjack
[05]  >> Cankerworm
[05]  >> Ripjaw
[04] Bane Lord Tartarus
[04] Darragh Wrathe
[03] Pistol Wraith
[03] Pistol Wraith
[08] Bane Thralls (9 grunts)
[09] Soulhunters (4 grunts)


Legion of Everblight
Standard Army
PCs: 50 / 50
10 models

[00] Saeryn, Omen of Everblight (0 / 5 WB)
[11]  >> Carnivean
[11]  >> Carnivean
[09]  >> Scythean
[09]  >> Angelius
[08]  >> Seraph
[02]  >> Shredder
[02]  >> Shredder
[02] The Forsaken
[01] Blighted Nyss Shepherd

Scenario - Revelation

You have to score on the flag on the right before you can score on the flag on the left. 3 points to win the match. 

Turn 1 Legion
The forces of the Everblight got the jump on the Cryx and surged forward. The Angelius hid behind the house in the centre of the board while a Carnivean went towards each flag, the Carnivean moving towards the first flag was supported by the Scythean (with Respawn). The Seraph stayed behind with Saern and the two shredders moved up on each flank. The Shepherd stayed on the left flank. 

Turn 1 Cryx
The deathjack moved forward on the objective 2 side of the house and the cankerworm and ripjaw hid behind the otherside of the house from the Angelius. Bane Thralls and Tartarus moved slowly towards the first objective while the cavalry surged down the other flank wide and jack behind the death jack. 

Turn 2 Legion
The Seraph slipstreamed the Carnivean forward and then blasted uselessly at the Deathjack. The Carnivean now found itself in assault range and charged forward spraying through to the soulhunters killing one. It failed to destroy the deathjack despite using all it's fury. The Angelius then flew over the house to drop in on the otherside of the deathjack and kill it with one armour piercing blow. The Shepherd moved forwards and took all the focus off the Carnivean and lastly on the left the shredder ran forward to around the centre of the soulhunters. Saern activated and used blight bringer on the shredder next to the soulhunters killing two and wounding another. She moved up to hide behind the building and then feated. The Carnivean on the right assaulted the obviously out of range Tartarus which allowed it to throw a spray through the bane knights killing a few but failing to kill Tartarus then used it's animus. The Scythean moved to the flag and the Forsaken moved next to Saern and took the focus off the carnivean. The last shredder ran for the pistol wraiths forgetting they were incorporeal. 

Turn 2 Cryx
Having little they could do this turn the two pistol wraiths ran to contest the first flag. The skarlock made ripjaw ghostly and sent it through the house to kill the shepherd. Denegra feated and then sent the cankerworm through the building too to engage the caster. The Soulhunters ran through the blight field (killing one) to engage the Seraph and Daragh wrath moved forward to throw a magic attack at Saern (missing). Bane's advanced. 

Turn 3 Legion
Carnivean turned around and failed to destroy Ripjaw, Scythean and forsaken together scrapped the cankerworm. Angelius flailed uselessly at the Darragh and Seraph killed the Soulhunter. Saern blew up a pistol wraith. Shredder frenzied but thanks to the feat could not charge and so did not make it to the Scythean. The other shredder went rabid and killed a bane. Carnivean walked into combat with the Skarlock thrall and Tartarus. Killed Tartarus but failed to hurt the Skarlock thrall it then put up it's animus.

Turn 3 Cryx
Things were not looking happy, so far the only damage done had been to kill a shepherd but the feat was no longer stopping the Cryx for getting stuck in. Bane's charged the Carnivean took out it's spirit but failed to kill it, they did manage to take out the shredder. Darragh Wrathe hurt the Angelius but did not take out a spiral. Pistol wraith took a shot at the caster but failed to hit, Ripjaw went ghostly and charged the caster missing all but one attack (which Ed then managed to roll a 3 for damage, not enough to actually cause any). 

Turn 4 Legion
Scythean walked around the building to engage Denegra. Somehow she survived but with only a few health boxes left. Seraph used it's animus to pull the Angelius out of combat to where it could charge. Then had a spray itself, though the attack rolls were boosted this should have been a useless exercise however two 6's and a 5 on an attack roll later and Denegra was dead before the Angelius even got to charge. 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Round Two

Northern Suburbs - The citizens of Wollongong are used to living in a warzone with the constant incursions of the Skorne but the presence of so many new invading armies has caused many of the citizens to evacuate. This has meant that the roads and trains to the north have become overcrowded and unserviceable, however many mercenaries were able to get into Wollongong before the problems began including one bloody famous traveler.
Reward - Reinholdt will join your next battle for free. He also brings with him along with many useful trinkets and gadgets, you will also be able to spend one extra point on anything.
Weather - Rain

The Mountains - The mountains are littered with trails and backroads down into the other areas. Victory in this region will guarantee access to these roads. 
Reward - One infantry unit worth 10 points or less including attachments (that is not marshalling a jack) gains ambush. (Ambush - You can choose not to deploy this unit at the start of the game. If it is not deployed normally you can put it into play at the end of any of your Control Phases after your first turn. When you do, choose any table edge except the back of your opponent's deployment zone. Place this unit in formation within 3" of the chosen table edge).
Weather - Freezing Cold.

The Harbour - During the raid on the warmachine shipment a shipment of rum was destroyed leading to a rum shortage in Wollongong. This has caused riots throughout the harbour making this region inaccessible.

Lake Illawarra - Though the flood waters are subsiding this region is a mess of mud and rotting fish. Squatters have taken up in the ruins of buildings as the permanent residents have yet to return. The lack of law enforcement has seen many of the seedier, less law abiding citizens take residence in this region.
Reward - The winning army may take outlaw former inquisitor Orin Midwinter for free next battle.
Weather - none

Lake South - The presence of so many fire breathing dragons has had the expected effect and fires are ravaging this region making it inaccessible. 

This one won't be played for a month so there is plenty of time to raise any concerns or ask for different rewards and also to leave suggestions for next round. The names of the models you can gain use of are linked to battle college which has a pretty good summary of what they do.


Anthony (Everblight) - 6 points
Graham (Skorne) - 5 points
Uli (Khador) - 4 points
Ed (Cryx) - 4 points
Theo (Cygnar) - 3 points
David (Cygnar)
Owen (Menoth)

Updated to the end of round 3

Round One Wrap

The forces of Khador and the Skorne both attempted to gain control of  the northern suburbs. Prince Vladimir Tzepesci was victorious in the struggle to secure the train lines and Khador are now busy bringing in reinforcements.

The weird happenings south of the lake drew the attention of the Cryx and the servants of the Everblight. They both came in force but the army of the dragon father was beaten back with heavy losses and the south now belongs to the Legion. Unfortunately for the Everblight the strange happenings in the region were not due to the presence of a dragon but the totem hunter, a strange beast of unknown origin. He now moves alongside the Everblight army.

In the centre of town the largest battle occurred as the two Cygnar armies and Chief Madrak Ironhide of the Kriels forces fought to claim or destroy a shipment of warjack parts. Though the trolls were largely unscathed Commander Theo managed to take control of key strategic areas and win the day. It is unknown what happened to the warjack parts or Eiryss who was seen on the battlefield and had made it known that she wanted that shipment destroyed.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

List Building - Madrak

Standard Army
PCs: 35 / 35
15 models

[00] Madrak Ironhide, Thornwood Chieftain (0 / 6 WB)
[12]  >> Mulg the Ancient
[09]  >> Dire Troll Mauler
[03] Trollkin Champion Hero
[03] Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes (3 grunts)
[01]  >> Stone Scribe Elder
[10] Trollkin Champions (4 grunts)
[03]  >> Skaldi Bonehammer

I think we need one more example, this is a list built not around a caster but around a tactic, that tactic has the rather unexciting name of "the brick" and it's about as hard as one. It's almost the polar opposite of the Doomshaper list and makes a good second army for steamroller tournaments for that reason. So what's in the army and why:

Madrak - Small control range is not a big issue as this army stays close together. His feat allows every model to advance 1" and make an additional attack whenever they kill a model with a melee attack. He has a spell Carnage which adds +2 to melee hit rolls. His other spells are good too but not so important in making the list. He has 5 Fury so you want enough beasts to generate that even when you have lost your biggest one. His feat and spells mean you are looking at the melee beasts.

Mulg - simply the best troll beast. High MAT and high P+S + reach. Will destroy whole units with ease on feat turn and anything else at any time. Protective fit means that as long as he is close to your warlock anything attempting to harm your warlock will have to kill him first or be willing to sacrifice itself. His slow speed is irrelevant as this is a defensive list. 

Mauler - Not only is the mauler a force of destruction but it has a strength boosting animus. That's the important thing here that distinguishes him from the Earthborn. Sometimes you need the ability to hit harder than is entirely sensible and the other strength boosting beasts are shooters. 

Any more beasts and we'll need to take whelps for fury management so lets move onto units

Krielstone - This makes the list. It'll give you +2 ARM to everything and immunity to continuous effects or +1 Strength or no incorporeal models. That will put your beasts at ARM 20 and 21 and your champions at ARM 20 as well. With your entire front line at ARM 20 or greater your opponent will find it very difficult to kill anything with infantry and jacks and beasts will struggle to do much damage without strength boosts. 

Champions - In because of their high ARM and multiple wounds. Skaldi gives the overtake and pathfinder on a charge (both very useful) and the solo lets them walk through each other. This generally means you want to have Skaldi behind the unit and them have him countercharge through the unit. The solo has reach and thresher and weapons master. A very nasty combination. 

What you get is a list with an ARM 20 front line equivalent MAT 9 or better except for the Mauler which fights like MAT 8 and high POW or POW 12 weapon masters. And on feat turn every kill means another step forward and another attack. It's slow but most things bounce off it so it doesn't mind going second. The only problem is that it does not split up very well other than that it is a very difficult list to fight. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

List Building - another example

More on list building this time with my other favourite caster epic Doomshaper. Since I've already gone through the basics I'll start with my list and then explain it.

Standard Army
PCs: 35 / 35
8 models

[00] Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia (0 / 6 WB)
[12]  >> Mulg the Ancient
[10]  >> Earthborn Dire Troll
[09]  >> Dire Troll Mauler
[06]  >> Troll Axer
[03] Janissa Stonetide
[01] Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew

eDoomshaper is in many ways the exact opposite of eCaine, his feat only helps beasts, his spells only help beasts, and he has two abilities that work with beasts. He offers nothing to troops. It should not be surprising then that his list is composed entirely of beasts.

Why those beasts though? Mulg is without a doubt the best troll beast, he has reach, ridiculous P+S on his main weapon, magic weapon (rare for a beast) but even more he has an affinity for doomshaper that will allow him to make an extra attack for free if the thing he is smacking is not dead yet. Also doomshaper is able to cast the animus of a dire troll for free, Mulg's animus is meaningless for this ability as eDoomshaper should not be close enough to the enemy for it to do anything.

That leaves the other dire trolls. eDoomshaper's feat and wild aggression both work for melee beasts so that leans you towards the earthborn and the mauler, also the bombers animus is not particularly useful for an all beast army (no blast damage for one model and those B2B) and the Blizters has a range of self and again Doomshaper should not be close enough to the enemy to use it. So again doomshaper's synergies point you towards the Earthborn and Mauler. I've taken one of each. The Mauler has a great offensive animus and the Earthborn a great defensive animus. The Mauler is a more general beatstick but the Earthborn is able to use the POW of your opponents weapons which makes it great for destroying casters especially with Wild aggression (which boosts to hit rolls, casters tend to have high DEF and high POW weapons).

Next the Axer. Mulg's feat and if needed the earthborn animus is often enough to give you all the charge distance you need but just in case you can throw in the axer too. If gives you extra movement and pathfinder so you can get your beasts across rough terrain as well as giving them a greater threat range. The other thing that is great about the axer is reach and thresher. It will destroy infantry and it can be run light on fury to give Doomshaper something to transfer damage to, it also benefits from eDoomshaper's feat.

Janissa has rock wall. This is one of the best abilities in the game. Put it right in front of a beast and you cannot charge that beast unless you have reach and you get bonus DEF against enemies shooting or stabbing over the wall, put it further away and you can't charge unless you have pathfinder and it gives you a ready made obstacle for elemental communication (which the earthborn can give other models with it's animus) which gives you bonus ARM. In this list she is here to put a rock wall in front of two of the beasts (it only fits that many), have eDoomshaper give out the earthborn animus and have everything +2 ARM.

Swamp Gobbers. I had one point left over. Swamp gobbers can smokescreen your caster (and maybe Janissa too). It's an extra layer of protection for your caster.

In addition to the obvious stuff this list has some tricks. Refuge Mulg into a very threatening position (preferably into melee with your opponents caster) and force your opponent to use all his heavy destroying resources to destroy him leaving your real assassin the Earthborn safe. Goad, Wild aggression and Rage on the Earthborn should be enough to destroy all but the most heavily protected caster. Alternately Refuge one of your heavies back behind Janissa's wall.

List building

So I thought I'd share my thoughts on list building for the benefit of the new players in this campaign. Warmachine is a game of synergies, if you pick models individually without paying attention to how they interact then you will find yourself at a distinct disadvantage.

The best place to start building a list is with your caster. Look at their spells, abilities and feat and think about what units work best with that caster, what units you intend to cast individual spells on and if there are any units you can use which will aid your caster.

For this example I'm going to use one of my favourite casters, epic Caine. Epic Caine's feat is that for every shot he hits with subesquent shots do more damage. Therefore to get the most out of his feat he wants any models that will allow him extra shots. In particular the squire and Reinholdt, he will also need all his focus that turn to buy extra shots.

eCaine (the e is for epic) has no spells that specifically benefit jacks, 6 Focus (which is on the low side) and wants that focus for his feat and for shooting/spells. Therefore he wants only a small number of jacks and in particular jacks that can run effectively with a low amount of focus or marshalled jacks. I would try to keep to one jack in his battlegroup and any other jacks marshalled. Also you want to avoid focus hungry jacks like the Charger and Thunderhead and steer towards jacks that generate their own focus like the Stormclad and Gallant and focus efficient jacks like the Hunter. You also want to avoid jacks with weaknessess, the Hammersmith is a great melee jack but is very slow and does not have reach so otften is destroyed before it can let loose. With a caster who has spells that let that allow you to make a jack faster (eHaley, Kraye) the hammersmith becomes a much better jack but with eCaine it should be avoided.

eCaine also gets +5 range to spells when he doesn't arc them and due to his fantastic shooting wants to be close to the enemy anyway so eCaine does not need an Arcnode (no lancer or Thorn)

That's enough about what he doesn't want what does he want? He gives all gun mages gunfighter and has the spell blur. Blur gives a bonus to DEF which does not count for melee attacks and so works wonderfully well on a high DEF shooting unit. Gun mages are therefore a great choice. The UA for gunmages makes them more effective and passes on his special shot abilities to any jack he controls. As eCaine is very focus hungry and gives no benefits to jacks he controls a marshalled jack is a great idea for him. Therefore you should consider marshalling a shooting jack to the gun mages. There are 6 choices, the charger gets a benefit from using focus which a marshal cannot allocate, the sentinel and thunderhead use mostly special attacks which the gun mage bonus cannot count for so you are left with the defender, hunter and cyclone. I personally favour the hunter, the other jacks can do well in melee and would in that case like more focus, they are also more expensive.

Heightened reflexes lets you avoid being knocked down or made stationary. This is another spell that favours high DEF units as those are the two most common ways to drop DEF. It's also particularly useful for a tough unit as it means that models that pass a tough roll are not knocked down and activate normally.

Magic Bullet gives you free damage to a nearby model when you hit a model. It therefore wants a shooting model with high RAT (so that you are likely to hit). eCaine does this himself.

You want to make sure your list has a plan to deal with heavy jacks and high DEF infantry. In a campaign setting like this you can have multiple lists but even then you can come up against both in the same battle. You want some melee and some shooting in case your opponent has some way to reduce the effectiveness of one of those options and something to take and hold objectives.

So here is a sample annotated list:

Standard Army
PCs: 35 / 35
22 models

[00] Captain Allister Caine (0 / 5 WJ remaining)
[02]  >> Squire - extra focus is always good but here means an extra feat shot.
[10]  >> Stormclad - gets a focus from the stormblades provides much needed melee
[06] Arcane Tempest Gun Mages - blur. Push stuff off objectives, shred infantry
[02]  >> Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer - gun mages get true sight (really useful) and marshalled jack
[06]  >> Hunter - +4" range, extra damage on critical or push from the officer
[05] Stormblade Infantry - adds needed melee option and gives the stormclad a focus. Heightened reflexes.
[03]  >> Stormblade Infantry Officer & Standard - assault and 3" AOE makes stormblades very deadly
[02] Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord - gives the stormblades tough, and they cannot be knocked down thanks to heightened reflexes
[03] Eiryss, Angel of Retribution - Helps eCaine assassinate
[01] Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator - extra shot every turn for eCaine.

Because of the synergies in this list the gunmages DEF 18 from shooting and gunfighter lets them fight back if charged. The stormblades are tough, fearless and not knocked down when they pass a tough roll. The hunter gets +4" range (or push) and a boost from the jack marshal, it only needs one boost because it mostly shoots jacks/beasts. On feat turn eCain has two initial shots, one from Reinholdt, 6 from regular focus and one from the squire for a total of 10 shots making the last shot POW 21. When possible these should all be at your opponents caster. Push things out of the way with your gun mages, have Eiryss get rid of any defensive spells and then kill the caster. Everything works with something else and that's what makes the list good.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


The city lights stretched along the coast like a ribbon, this city was a thin strip of land between some overlarge hills and the ocean, a sight that would have been overwhelmingly unimportant in the eyeless sight of the Everblight except for the rumours that had been surfacing. If they were to be trusted the servants of the Everblight had found another one of the surviving dragons, he would need the athank if he was to be able to challenge the dragonfather. He could sense the minions of the dragonfather, they were close and would be seeking the same prize.

The Cygnarian commander hated serving on the eastern border, the glory always seemed to go to the west and the fight against the Cryx and the money to the north and the fight against Khador. Here on the eastern border was only constant warfare, dirt and misery and now he would have to share even that. His royal highness King Leto had seen fit to send another commander to Wollonogong, some upstart from the south had been sent to help deal with a perceived invasion threat. He doubted that this threat would turn out to be anything  more than the drunken ramblings of bored villagers but this new commander would be trouble enough. His family had strong ties to Vinter Raelthorne and there had been suspicious incidents in his previous command. The Skorne were becoming more daring in their push into Cygnar, so much so the city itself had become a target and now he was to share command with a man who may or may not be working with them. Nothing good would come of this.

Madrak was hopeful. It was not an emotion he felt at ease with. If history was any indicator hope was not an emotion Madrak was meant to feel. He and Doomshaper had travelled with a small band to the city of Wollongong in the hope of destroying the thrice cursed axe that was causing Madrak to shun his own people in what could be their final struggle. Rumour had it that a dragon was hiding somewhere close to the city and Doomshaper believed that if they could find the dragon they would have a way to finally destroy Rathrok and lift the curse on the trollkin chieftain.

The formation of the Khadorian force would have looked comical to any outsider, the troops looked to be trying to protect themselves more from their own commander than any attack from opposing forces. It was however no laughing matter, the mental instability of commander Zoktavir was starting to become more of a threat than the coming conflict with Cygnar. Rumour had it that this madness was what had caused Empress Vanar to send him to so far away from the current front in the war against Cygnar. No one knew any more whether his uncontrolled rage would push the khadorians to victory or see their carefully laid plans destroyed and armies routed. Now these men were far from the motherland and under the command of a madman with only the most tenuous grasp on reality. Few were confident of returning home alive but none were willing to risk the wrath of the butcher of Khardov so they marched on and tried to avoid catching the attention of their commander.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Scenario Reference

An explanation of what terms mean:

Own: Models listed, or created by effects, within a player’s fielded army list.
Control: The rules for control vary depending on the scenario and the type of scoring area (zone or flag) used. Ignore inert warjacks, wild warbeasts, fleeing models and models that you own that are under the control of your opponent when checking for control conditions.
Contest: A player must own at least one model within a scoring area in order to contest that area or within 4” of a flag to contest that flag. Inert warjacks, wild warbeasts, and fleeing models cannot contest.
Zone: Also called a “scoring area.” A region of the game table defined within the scenario rules. Players seek to “control” these zones or “contest” a zone so that an opponent does not control that zone. A player controls a zone if he owns one or more models within the zone and the opponent has no models within the same zone.
There are no additional requirements for warcasters, warlocks, warjacks, or warbeasts. For a unit to control a zone the unit must contain 50% or more of its starting number (rounding up) and all remaining models must be within the same zone. For a solo to control a zone, it must have an army point cost of 1 or more. For solo choices that consist of multiple models, divide the cost of the solo choice by the number of models to see if each model is worth at least 1 point. For multiple model solo choices to control a zone the choice must contain 50% or more of its starting number of models (rounding up) and all remaining models must be within the same zone.
Flag (40 mm base): All flags are models with the following qualities:

  • Cannot be targeted, damaged, moved, placed, or removed from play
  • Incorporeal, stationary, medium-based models
  • Immune to all in-game effects; do not activate

A player controls a flag if he owns one or more models B2B with the flag and the opponent has no models within 4˝ of that flag. There are no additional requirements for warcasters, warlocks, warjacks, or warbeasts.
If the B2B model is a member of a unit, the unit must contain 50% or more of its starting number (rounding up) and all remaining models must also be within 4˝ of the flag. If the B2B model is a solo it must have an army point cost of 1 or more. For solo choices that consist of multiple models, divide the cost of the solo choice by the number of models to see if each model is worth at least 1 point. For multiple model solo choices to control a flag the choice must contain 50% or more of its starting number of models (rounding up) and all remaining models must also be within 4˝ of the flag.
Objective (50 mm base): Some scenarios will add additional qualities to objectives or contradict these properties; in those cases the scenario takes precedence. All objectives are models with the following qualities:

  • Cannot be targeted by attacks or damaged on the first round
  • Non-living, non-warrior, stationary, large-based models
  • Friendly model to all other models
  • DEF 5/ARM 20/Damage: 15
  • 360 degree front arc
  • May be moved by throws, slams, pushes, etc.
  • Cannot be placed, knocked down, or removed from play
  • Cannot channel
  • Do not activate, suffer continuous effects, or suffer collateral damage
Do not place obstructions or rough terrain within normal deployment zone areas. This does not apply to Advance Deployment areas.
All terrain pieces must be placed at least 3˝ away from other terrain pieces. This includes terrain pieces granted by Theme Force bonuses. 
Do not place impassable terrain within control zones when playing scenarios that use them.
Note that all other terrain may be placed within the control zones. Terrain can either be set up by an agreed neutral party or each player can take turns placing terrain. Depending on the size of terrain pieces there should be between 4-8 pieces of terrain on the table. All players should agree to the set up of terrain before rolling for deployment.

In order to mitigate the initiative advantage of the first player, the deployment zones are
based on turn order.
In standard scenarios the first player has an 8˝ deployment zone (14˝ AD) and the second player has a 10˝ deployment zone (16˝ AD). In radial scenarios the first player has an 18˝ deployment zone (24˝ AD) and the second player has a 20˝ deployment zone (26˝ AD).
The player who chooses to go first chooses his table edge, deploys first, and takes the first turn.

Contents and Game Rules ©2001–2011 Privateer Press Inc. All Rights Reserved. Privateer Press, WARMACHINE®, Cygnar, Khador, Cryx, Protectorate of Menoth, Retribution of Scyrah, HORDES, Trollbloods, Circle Orboros, Legion of Everblight, Skorne, warcaster, warjack, warbeast, and all associated logos and slogans are trademarks of Privateer Press, Inc. Permission is hereby granted to photocopy and retain electronic copies. Any such duplications shall be intended solely for noncommercial use and must maintain all copyrights, trademarks, or other notices contained therein or preserve all marks associated thereof. Privateer Press reserves the right to remove this permission or revise contents herein at any time for any reason.